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US-4412377-A: Method for manufacturing a hybrid integrated circuit device patent, US-4419344-A: Quaternary, copolymeric, high molecular weight ammonium salts based on acrylic compounds, their preparation, and their use in cosmetics patent, US-3972887-A: Process for preparing phosphorothioates and phenylphosponothioates patent, US-4112172-A: Dielectric imaging member patent, US-4801651-A: Method of manufacture of thermoplastic elastomer compounds patent, US-3671439-A: Oxygen bleach-activator systems stabilized with puffed borax patent, US-4293606-A: Low friction, abrasion resistant coating for transparent film patent, US-4394434-A: Plating resist with improved resistance to extraneous plating patent, US-3862257-A: Modified ziegler catalyst for alpha olefin wax synthesis patent, US-4649064-A: Rapid-drying recording element for liquid ink marking patent, US-5567490-A: White thermal control surfaces patent, US-5807870-A: Substituted pipecolinic acid derivatives as HIV protease inhibitors patent, US-4639328-A: Thienothiophene derivatives patent, US-4828691-A: Submersible purification system for radioactive water patent, US-4861719-A: DNA constructs for retrovirus packaging cell lines patent, US-5559058-A: Method for producing native oxides on compound semiconductors patent, US-6022839-A: All purpose liquid cleaning compositions patent, US-6110685-A: infB patent, US-6344372-B1: Semiconductor device with reliable connection between projective electrode and conductive wire of the substrate patent, US-6572989-B2: Thin film magnetic recording disk with a chromium-nickel pre-seed layer patent, US-5706163-A: ESD-protected thin film capacitor structures patent, US-6044313-A: Method and apparatus for monitoring ton-miles-per-hour for tires on a mobile machine patent, US-5464876-A: Process for the recovery of valuable materials during the work-up of polyvinyl chloride patent, US-6543673-B2: Dissolving shunt connection system for ESD sensitive components patent, US-6040609-A: Process for integrating, in a single semiconductor chip, MOS technology devices with different threshold voltages patent, US-6191235-B1: Process for the preparation of a redispersible dispersion powder composition patent, US-6521108-B1: Diffusion bonded sputter target assembly and method of making same patent, US-5395414-A: Display panel with a large realistic digitized high fidelity visual pattern and method for producing the same patent, US-6655102-B1: Camouflaged structure and method of camouflaging a structure against a background having a generally uniform composition patent, US-5633307-A: Ambient temperature curing aqueous coating composition based on polyurea resins patent, US-4775620-A: Cytokeratin tumor markers and assays for their detection patent, US-5236665-A: Hollow fiber treatment apparatus and membrane oxygenator patent, US-5064338-A: Implement mounting apparatus for tractors and mowers patent, US-6509033-B1: Immunomodulatory peptides patent, US-2012159653-A1: Genomic editing of genes involved in macular degeneration patent, US-2012177568-A1: Novel meditopes and related meditope-monoclonal antibody delivery systems, synthesis and therapeutic uses thereof patent, US-2013202694-A1: Agent for use in the case of fructose intolerance patent, US-2014107098-A1: Imidazolo-, oxazolo-, and thiazolopyrimidine modulators of trpv1 patent, US-2014206680-A1: Substituted 6-aza-isoindolin-1-one derivatives patent, US-2011014196-A1: Drug Transfer into Living Cells patent, US-2011024719-A1: Large scale nanoelement assembly method for making nanoscale circuit interconnects and diodes patent, US-2011171729-A1: Method for Producing Stable Mammalian Cell Lines Producing High Levels of Recombinant Proteins patent, US-2012156515-A1: Fluorinated copolymers of (meth)acrylates and (meth)acrylic acid amine complexes patent, US-2014054499-A1: Compound having a five-membered ring, the liquid crystal composition and the liquid crystal display device patent, US-2015018209-A1: Herbicidal 3- (sulfin-/sulfonimidoyl) - benzamides patent, US-2015104384-A1: Amido-benzyl sulfone and sulfoxide derivatives patent, US-2012195844-A1: Esters as perfuming ingredients patent, US-2013244276-A1: Production of proteins in filamentous fungi patent, US-2010129319-A1: Treatment of disease or injury of the nervous system using agents that decrease the activity of the melanocortin 4 receptor patent, US-4278119-A: Storage means for removable tips for hand tool patent, US-2010144551-A1: Cytokine production regulator gene and use thereof patent, US-2010238656-A1: Planar element, and method for the production thereof patent, US-2012010269-A1: ISOLATED GENOMIC POLYNUCLEOTIDE FRAGMENTS FROM THE p15 REGION OF CHROMOSOME 11 ENCODING HUMAN SMS3 patent, US-2013065909-A1: Fatty acid fumarate derivatives and their uses patent, US-2013302349-A1: Novel ha binding agents patent, US-2013309280-A1: Spinning nanowires and method for inducing cell eradication using same patent, US-2012245149-A1: NOVEL (HETEROCYCLE/CONDENSED PIPERIDINE)-(PIPERAZINYL)-1-ALKANONE OR (HETEROCYCLE/CONDENSED PYRROLIDINE)-(PIPERAZINYL)-1-ALKANONE DERIVATIVES AND USE THEREOF AS p75 INHIBITORS patent, US-2012251487-A1: Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of viral infections patent, US-2013330779-A1: Fermentation route for the production of levulinic acid, levulinate esters and valerolactone and derivatives thereof patent, US-2010323887-A1: Mesoionic pesticides patent, US-2013149260-A1: Emulsions containing saccharide siloxane copolymer emulsifiers and methods for their preparation and use patent, US-2014348832-A1: Inhibitors of t-cell activation patent, US-2010155123-A1: Halogen-free prepreg and resin for preparing the same patent, US-2010275309-A1: Soybean cultivar 84460075 patent, US-2012135916-A1: Monomeric and dimeric forms of adiponectin receptor fragments and methods of use patent, US-2014217035-A1: Device for manufacturing sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid and water treatment system in general patent, US-2011289717-A1: Hand-held multi-function brush system with sprays patent, US-2011038827-A1: Elevation of the plasma hdl-cholesterol level patent, US-2014242493-A1: Direct carbon electrochemical cell patent, US-2012082858-A1: Method of Manufacturing Water-Resistant Gypsum Articles and Articles Formed Thereby patent, US-2010163841-A1: Nano-hetero structure and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2011159008-A1: Antibodies Binding To The Extracellular Domain Of The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase ALK patent, US-2011206660-A1: Amino acid sequences directed against cxcr4 and other gpcrs and compounds comprising the same patent, US-2013237532-A1: Indole and indazole compounds as an inhibitor of cellular necrosis patent, US-2011086073-A1: NANOMETER-SIZED PRODRUGS OF NSAIDs patent, US-2010070978-A1: VDI Storage Overcommit And Rebalancing patent, US-2010143514-A1: Antiviral agents containing a fermentation product of garlic by lactic acid bacteria patent, US-2010227395-A1: Canine tumor cell and allogeneic dendritic cell fused vaccine and method for preparing the same patent, US-2010267149-A1: Methods of determining potency of chemically-synthesized oligonucleotides patent, US-2011225694-P1: Bermuda grass plant named 'BAR 1CD3' patent, US-2011240924-A1: Operation of Staged Membrane Oxidation Reactor Systems patent, US-2011257582-A1: Medicated sheet patent, US-2011269339-A1: System for securing a device using two din rails patent, US-2011276723-A1: Assigning input devices to specific sessions patent, US-2011280565-A1: Dual loop camera stabilization systems and methods patent, US-2011280974-A1: Substances Having Body Mass Redistribution Properties patent, US-2011282047-A1: Cyclodextrin-based polymers for therapeutics delivery patent, US-2011282999-A1: Method of providing a gap indication during a sticky assignment patent, US-2011289152-A1: Dynamic bandwidth control patent, US-2011293107-A1: Sound signal processing apparatus and sound signal processing method patent, US-2011298639-A1: Parking assist apparatus patent, US-2011059-A: Windshield for automobiles patent, US-2012024429-A1: Rare earth sintered magnet patent, US-2012030087-A1: Automated Trading System In An Electronic Trading Exchange patent, US-2012033352-A1: Motor Control Center Subunit(s) (bucket(s)) with compartmentalized disconnect associated with a distinctly separate load section. patent, US-2012038891-A1: Projection of Images onto Tangible User Interfaces patent, US-2012051414-A1: Apparatus and Method for Varying Inter Symbol Interference and Bandwidth Extension Pre-Emphasis on a High Speed Digital Signal patent, US-2012068421-A1: Chuck patent, US-2012076356-A1: Anomaly detection apparatus patent, US-2012085764-A1: Fuel tank cap for a fuel tank patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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